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  • Q Where and why would you use a raised floor?

    A In a gymnasium, they would want a raised floor to increase the bounce for basketball and vollyball games.In a dance hall a raised floor makes the dancing more lively and the dancers don't tire as easily.In housing the entire house is raised off the ground, on a foundation, in order to keep moisture out, and account for settling of the ground. I asked a home builder whyCalifornia(and increasingly other states)require a concrete slab to be raised off the ground, and he told me it was to keep drafts from coming into the house, and provide the strength necessary to hold up the walls and roof.
  • Q Access floor systems offer:

    Maximum flexibility; maintenance, installation and conversion projects can be executed quickly,        
    Floor can be walked on immediately,
    Pre-manufactured components parts for dry assembly,
    Easy access to all areas of the communication and in-house technique. Non-destructive, without noise, dust and interference of the workflow,
    Optimum amount of spare room for future modifications,
    Optimum space for large dimensioned air conditioning units, extinguishing systems, and electrical distributors.
    The important criteria for choosing an access floor system are the: load-bearing capacity, fire protection, electrostatic behavior and sound absorption.
  • Q Load-Bearing capacity

    A The expected point load determines the requirements for the load-bearing capacity. The nominal point load of a panel is the decisive value for the valuation of the load-bearing capacity
  • Q Electrostatics

    A Electrostatics loads are generated through friction. Those are not only unpleasant for people but can also affect the function of many electronic devices. The right choice of floor covering in connection with the access floor system provides for the discharge of the loads over the grounded access floor construction.
  • Q What types of Floor Panels are available?

    A Hollow steel, Cementitious filled steel, Concrete filled steel and wood-core (particle board), Calcium sulphate, aluminum systems are available.
  • Q What type of system should I use in a Computer Room?

    A That would depend on the loading being imposed on the floor and the amount of deflection at the design load your project may require. The Industry standard has always been to specify a concentrated load rating at a maximum deflection of .080". However, for the greatest performance a concrete filled steel system in a rigid grid understructure should be specified. This offers optimum loading at .100" deflection with excellent Rolling and Impact loads. Today most users have switched to the concrete filled steel panel due to its increased performance. See Performance Charts.
  • Q What finishes are available for use in a Computer Room?

    A HPL (high pressure laminate) is the standard used in most computer rooms. Some projects require a conductive vinyl or conductive HPL.
  • Q What product should be used in a general office application needing a raised floor for Wire Management?

    A For an office application an Encased calcium sulphate raised floor with magnetic carpet is best.It’s also a leading product ofXL.
  • Q What type of system is best used in a Clean Room application?

    A An all aluminum system is best used in a clean room application. Grates or perforated aluminum panels are used due to the requirement for Laminar Air Floors.
  • Q What is the lowest height I can install for access flooring?

    A 35mm is the lowest finished floor height. However, since most concrete slabs aren't perfectly level, a minimum of 50mm is recommended.

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