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Why use a raised access floor?

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A raised access floor is used to provide a means of creating a void below floor level which is capable of ensuring building services are available at their required destination. These services will typically 

include the following:

.  electrical power

.  data

.  telecom

.  environmental control/air conditioning

.  fire detection and suppression

.  security

.  water and drainage.

The use of a raised access floor will allow quick and easy access to these services for maintenance reasons. Also in today's modern office environment Churn is a major issue. That is the number of times that the office layout has to be modified to cater for changing requirements brought about by new technology, new personnel or new tenants to a building.

What are the benefits of using a raised access floor?

Raised access floors are used extensively to provide the following benefits:

.Creates an open plan, versatile and flexible environment

.Durable, cost effective solution for current and future business requirements

.Delivers power, telecoms, data and other services precisely where required

.Facilitates rapid and easy re-configuration, with minimal disruption

.Provides passive ventilation or conditioned air options

.Offers a wide choice of high quality, durable and aesthetic floor finishes



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