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We use technologically advance equipment in the production lines to continuously improve our manufacturing technique, ensuring the durability and aesthetic properties of these floor systems, which keeps our customers coming back time and again. Using a completely automated production line outfitted with robots, the upper and lower steel panels are pressed quickly and are then welded into steel panel housing. Using an automatic phosphating and plastic coating line, XL Holding Group can eliminate the problems of inadequate phosphorization, plastic power loss, and rusty floors commonly caused by traditional manufacturing techniques. Our automated production line produces floors are stronger and more visually appealing than before.

XL Holding Group uses a grouting line that guarantees the floor system is completely filled with cement in a uniform manner. The automatic panel washing line is used quickly and effectively precision instruments, ensuring the precise cutting, surface mounting, and edge banding on the floors as well as a tight adhesion between materials.

Each working procedure is carried out under the strict attention of a quality inspection team. All raw material, semi-finished products, and finished products undergo extensive quality testing, and as a result, customers have come to us from more than 120 countries, providing us with a very well-respected reputation.



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