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First and foremost, the floor was designed to support the weight of the computer equipment. So regular underfloor inspections for the structural integrity of the entire system are extremely important. Various trades servicing the area (HVAC, Computer technicians, electricians and facility personnel) sometimes disturb the pedestal supports, and create structural problems. The load rating of these floor systems are established when all components are properly intact. So obviously, the need to check all supports should be checked at least once a year.


When components do not sit properly on an established grid system, the tremendous employer/owner liability from a tripping or slip-and-fall on-the-job injury is reason enough to justify the cost of routine structural adjustments. Regular structural adjustments reduce the possibility of this happening.


The surface covering of the floor system was designed to dissipate static electricity. When this surface is not maintained properly, the residual buildup on the surface inhibits proper static dissipation. This is critical to sensitive electronic equipment.


In summary, routine maintenance services which remove harmful particles and surface buildup, eliminate lateral and vertical instability will return a floor to design specifications and insure the ideal environment for personnel and equipment sitting on the floor system.


Each raised flooring site has its own unique maintenance requirements. We offer maintenance programs designed to meet the needs of the individual site conditions on a demand or contract basis. State-of-the-art cleaning products, equipment, and experienced personnel, are used on all maintenance jobs. To facilitate the proper in-house maintenance of raised floors, maintenance packages including equipment, products, and personnel training are also available.


While most floor systems are extremely durable, it is still important to properly maintain your floor system. The life span of an access floor can be extended through periodic maintenance. As with almost anything, if taken care of properly, it will last.


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