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User’s Guider-3

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1.Regular maintenance

For long-term high performance of the raised floor, regular maintenance (once in 2 or 3 years) is needed.

Please contact us for details.

2.Caring for carpet tiles

Clean the carpet tiles with a vacuum cleaner for daily care.

When coffee a sauce is spilled on the carpet, wipe it immediately with a wet rag.

If the stains could not be removed, wash the carpet tiles with neutral detergent diluted with water. Dry it adequately before using them again. Replace new carpet if become seriously dirty.

If use carpet tiles that not suggested by us, please refer to the company’s manual.

3.Caring for antistatic tiles

Apply antistatic wax before using the tiles. In standard installation, antistatic wax is not applied at the completion of installation.

Antistatic wax protects the tiles from damage or stains.

Use antistatic wax specified by the manufacturer. The use of other products causes lowering in antistatic effect.

(E.g.) NON STACK by Rinrei Wax Co., Ltd.,

          ELEX by Cxs Corporation(formerly Johnson Company, Limited)

For daily care, clean the antistatic tiles with a vacuum cleaner and then wipe them with a rag.

When using cleaner and remover, move the panels elsewhere. The solvent may cause rust on the pedestal.


Change of layout and others

In case of minor changes, please follow the instruction manual.

If area is expanded during renovation, extra outlet boxes and reinforcement work will be needed. Please contact us.

Please contact us when panel cutout construction associated with the arrangement change of equipment is needed.

As for the accessories including outlet boxes, please read manual of the product.

Regular maintenance contract is provided. Please contact us for the details.


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