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Instruction manual of each product will be given after installation. Before use, please read the instruction manual carefully for its proper use and care, and keep this manual for ready reference.

1.Remodeling strictly prohibited

Installation is done according to the conditions that provided. (Point us and weight of machine) Remodeling such as, opening holes and cutting will affect the strength of panel. Please contact us if remodeling is needed.

Do not take off the surface materials on the floor.(such as carpet tiles and other tiles)

2.Avoid shock

Panels are designed to withstand the load that written in the product specification. Do not drop any heavy abject or jump on the panel. This caused deformation or damage to the panel and pedestals.


When a large amount of water is spilt, remove the panel and dry it immediately. Lowering of the adhesive force of pedestals, electric leakage and rust are caused by water.

4.Removing the panels

Do not remove the panel except when necessary. Please be careful the power cable and telephone line under the panel when removing the panel while wiring work.

Carefully handle the removed panel, and ensure the panel is in same direction to the original position. Please refer to instruction manual about method of handling the panel. (Removing, level adjust etc.)

Do not leave the panel opened, it will lead to an unexpected accident. Use fence to surround it to prevent accident.

5.Indoor ventilation

Condensation occurs in a humid room or a long unused room. Ensure sufficient ventilation to prevent rust and electric leakage.


Make adequate room between cables to prevent electric leakage.


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