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The Notes in Use

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Please read instruction book carefully before use.

Environmental requirements for applicable fields:

Temperature: 10~30℃ (5~35℃ for OA raised floor);

Relative humidity: RH30~70%;

Temperature change rate: ΔT≤15℃ /per hour without clotted dew;

Vibration: There is no frequent vibration. (Resource)

Chemical Environment: There is no high corrosion volatile substance, Water wash is prohibited for cleaning the surface of raised floor. Dry mop shall be used to clean it to prevent surface of raised floor from being desquamated and metal parts under it from being rusted and corroded.

1. It's forbidden to use hard or sharp things to extrude, impact or scratch the cover of floor and plastic-sprayed layer.

2. Special panel lifter shall be used for opening or installing raised floor gently. Don't use iron tolls to pry up it rudely.

3. In the busy area such as corridor, gateway etc, excessive load should be avoided. Otherwise the floor will be easily damaged.

4. With regard to long period of heavy load, auxiliary support shall be added at the relative part of the floor if the weight of one foot of machine nearly reaches or is bigger than 1/3 of loading capacity of the floor.

5. Sound may be heard when walking on the floor after it is laid. This is caused by ground condition and installation problems, not bu performance and quality of the floor itself. 6. Don't use excessive heavy things, which can damage the floor.

7. Don't move the floor while it is lifting, which may make it fall off. 8. Gloves must be worn when taking the floor. Otherwise hands are easily hurt by it. 9. Avoid sun light shining it directly so as to prevent cover layer from changing color and aging earlier.

10. Please don't lay down gas pipes and water pipes under the floor. ormal  style="margin-top:10px;margin-right:10px;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:10px;mso-pagination:widow-orphan;text-align:left;" >10. Please don't lay down gas pipes and water pipes under the floor.


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