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The Human Body Electrostatic Effect

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As assessed by science, human body is charged. It is quite common in dry conditions that people feel electric shock when they shaking hands. It turns out that it is the result of human body electrostatic effect. Scientific experiments have confirmed that huamn body has electrostatic pressure from tens to hundreds of volts. When they take off shirts or thrust against the ground, the pressure will become higher. Statie electricity on human body is influenced by the surrounding environment, dress, behavior and personal reasons. The pressure is often higher when the air is dryer, when people wear synthetic fiber synthetic leather rather than cotton goods or using woollen blanket, chemical fibre carpet. Even different people, their electrostatic pressure is quite different from each other. (It is concered with different resistance of human body.)

 What is the bad influence of human body electrostatic effect to people's life and work? There are two main parts:

1. Adsorption capacity. It is easy for electrostatic pressure to adsorb dust in the air or ground, polluting clothing and harming people's health.

2. Sparking discharge. Human body electrostatic pressure plays a role as detonating fuse in inflammable and explosive places. Enclosed environment with air conditioning, carpet or plastic wall and the polymer products that people use are often the direct cause of fire and explosion. As a result, people have paied great attention to the safety protection of human body electrostatic pressure and a lot of countries have amde concerned laws, including China.

 In order to reduce the human body electrostatic accumulation, cotton goods should be our first choise. Electronic components production workers shouls wear grounding wrist strap to eliminate static.


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