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Rubber floor care & and cleaning

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Do not use steel wool or abrasive scouring pads on rubber flooring.

Never clean rubber flooring with cleaning products that contain turpentine or acetone as they can permanently damage the floor surface.

Remove gum by first freezing it, then scraping it up with a wooden/plastic spatula.

Dirt spots can be cleaned by spraying a mild solution onto the area and then wiping them with a clean dry cloth.

Avoid using colored cleaning pads as they could stain flooring.

Avoid using scrubbers or buffing machines that have a speed above 350 revolutions per minute (rpm).

Remove dirt and maintain a cleaner rubber surface by routinely sweeping, wet mopping and/or vacuuming floors.

Give your rubber floors a glossy finish by applying a rubber floor conditioner. You can also attain a glossy finish by applying a rubber floor spray buff with a 350+ rpm buffing machine. Note: Spray buffing can only be done on certain rubber floor types.

Scrub heavily soiled rubber floor treads with a hand brush, stripper and water solution.

A satin finish look can be achieved by dry buffing rubber floors with a white cleaning pad.

Avoid using cleaning products that contain acidic solvents as they could cause rubber floors to deteriorate.


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