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Raised floors and quality porcelain tiles

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With many years of experience working with raised floors and quality porcelain tiles, Granitech can cut the length and cost of maintenance work on floors in commercial spaces, making the architect’s job easier while improving the building’s overall health.

When designing offices and commercial spaces, it is indispensable to take into account the structural work that will be required over the years, especially on surfaces. Today’s commercial spaces contain a high concentration of technical systems, including data transmission lines, requiring electrical, data and voice connections. This kind of work is done by specialized workers and often causes inconvenience to users, requiring businesses to close for some time, with inevitable economic repercussions.  One of the most practical solutions for coverings in commercial spaces is use of raised floors, also known as floating floors.

Granitech, a leader in the field thanks also to its ventilated walls, offers a complete response to these structural requirements with the supply and installation of raised floors with porcelain panels. Simple maintenance and new freedom in the organization of space are made possible by working on individual panels, offering benefits such as:

1.rapid work with no interference with adjacent panels;

2.improved design and greater creativity: architects and designers are not limited by the position of the various technical installations;

3.improvement of the building’s overall health thanks to thermal separation between the concrete slab and the floor;

4.elimination of the need to work on masonry, clearly saving time, money and energy.

The upper part of the base is the porcelain tile; this is the visible part and the part directly subject to stress. Porcelain tiles should be chosen to suit the intended use of the space (the project gallery includes a number of projects incorporating raised floors with porcelain tiles supplied by GranitiFiandre). Whichever finish is chosen, porcelain is a material offering outstanding aesthetic qualities and physical and mechanical properties for floors.


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