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Raised floor Noise

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The sound through the vibration transmission is one of the major problems within the new buildings. It is transmitted by air and through the materials, ropagating with a different speed.

The types of noise that usually occur on a floor are:

air noises;

impact noises, mainly due to trampling and the impact of bodies on the floor;

noises due to the underlying plants.

The raised floor, thanks to its technical characteristics, is able to offer an effective solution to the problem of noise through its structure and, in particular, can reduce the problem of the impact noise and sound transmission, in compliance with current norms.

One element that can increase the noise reduction of the raised floor is the eco-friendly rubber pad, which is durable, resistant to high and low temperatures and toxicologically inert.

Glued between the base of the structure and the slab, the acoustic pad is sound insulating and anti-vibrating and therefore allows to reduce the transmission of both structural and air noises.

Note: It is essential to take special care in preparing the slab and the floor, which should not have any direct contact with the walls to avoid a significant reduction in the effectiveness of the system; at the same time it is very important the choice of innovative and performing materials for construction.


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