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Raised Floor for Computer Room

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The raised floor of computer room is elevated flooring upon the typical marble or concrete or any other flooring. It is also termed as raised computer floor, raised access floor or computer room floor. The flooring comprises of raised access floor panels of metric size 600 x 600 mm or US Imperial size of 24" x 24". These panels are made of steel sheets and welded construction stuffed with wood or lightweight cement. They are supported by adjustable support pedestals under them. The space between the raised computer floor and the normal floor allows you to run other services such as electricity, data, telecom, air conditioning ducts, fire detection, environmental control, suppression, security, etc. The panels of the floor are removable and allow access to the systems under the floor.

Wood core raised access floors are the most popular choice for most of the people. Such surfaces are covered with PVC or HPL tile, thus making to resistant to any wear or tear. If you want to opt for water resistance, you can opt for carpet covered RA flooring instead of Wood core raised floor. You can even go for perforated raised floors if you want ventilated flooring.

Raised floor access is very useful. Some of the key benefits are:

Cooling: The temperature of the computer room is generally higher than the rest of the building. It is very important to maintain the optimum temperature for the proper functioning of servers and other devices. Such floors have unique cooling capability that brings down the temperature of the computer room. The floor offers space to distribute the conditioned air beneath the equipment. Diffuser ducts and tiles are carefully laid under the floor to circulate conditioned air and have a cooling effect.

Fire Suppression: All the data of all organizations is stored on computers in data centers these days. This data is indispensable and highly valuable. The data centers constantly require a huge amount of power to operate. They even contain high density of circuits and cables. Thus, the risk of fire in these centers is perpetually high. You cannot depend on just smoke detectors, sprinkler heads and fire extinguishers for fighting fire.

Computer room floor helps fighting fire as it is incombustible. Thus, it acts as a fire barrier between the equipments and cables lying underneath. You can also install automatic fire shut-offs to prevent the fire from spreading.

Flexibility: The floor consists of removable panels that offer great flexibility and adaptability. The tiles are lightweight and interchangeable. They can be taken out to install cables or undertake repairs. This feature is quite useful as new equipments are added or modified in the computer rooms. You can even modify the design of your computer room without disrupting operational activities.

Professionalism: Such floors provide a contemporary, elegant and professional look. They conceal the huge mass of cords and cables that may give a cluttered look to your data center. They can be cleaned easily. You can even go for options that are wear resistant, water-resistant or ventilated.


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