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Raised Access Flooring Services

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Whether renovating a century-old heritage building or building a modern facility in one of the new industrial parks, the raised access flooring system services can be the solution to all your logistical concerns.

Raised access flooring systems will vary depending on the available space and purpose of the access. There are some projects that will require structural raised access flooring systems and there are some projects that will only require equipment rooms.

These systems provide space between the floor and the actual paved construct that is part of your building. The use of the space between is what we need to help plan and budget for.

Equipment rooms are load bearing floor panels that will house your electrical, telecom equipment, and power cords that run throughout the office out of view and to prevent possible injuries if otherwise exposed.

Structural systems are pedestals bonded to the sub floor with vertical adjustments that will house larger items such as HVAC systems,  and heating and cooling pipes.

The Advantages

1.Easy Access. Technicians easily access the area to diagnose and repair failing power supplies without disrupting the entire office.

2.Save money. Raised access flooring systems are designed to include equipment design of items handling heating and physical loading, saving you money by creating capital and operational cost savings.

3.Modual floor panels. Easily and readily removable panels allows quick access to HVAC equipment, power/data/voice cabling.

4.Easy modifications. Work stations and electrical equipment foot prints and configurations can be easily modified so the cost in making office space modifications are fairly inexpensive.

5.Our systems are LEED point compliant.

6.Virtually any architectural floor finish can be applied to our systems.

The most common locations to use, or consider using these systems are office buildings, data centres, casinos, educational facilities, and medical institutions.    


We aim to continue giving only first class service and workmanship.

Whether large or small projects - each receives the same expert care, attention to detail, and respect that ATFLOR has earned and established throughout their 20 years of operations.

Regardless of the age of your building (or whether it is still being constructed), ATFLOR’s team of professionals can provide the expert knowledge to supply you with the best possible raised access flooring product, design, planning, and installation services in the industry.


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