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Installation procedures of steel raised floor

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1.First check the flatness of the floor and verticality of the wall. If something is not within the requirements, should inform the owner or contractor to adjust. Cleaning the site for any debris. Keep the site in dry.

2.Marking: Mark the finished height of the access floor on the wall to ensure that all the panels are in the same level. Take a accurate measure of the width and length of the room, and optimize the arrangement of the panels to minimize the cutting work. Snap the grid lines of the pedestals on the ground.

3.Adjust the height of the pedestals before installation, and lay the pedestals on the spots of crossing point.

4.Fix the stringer on the top of pedestal, and use the level meter to adjust the stringer so that they are vertical to each other.

5.Use the sucker to take the panels on the stringers.

6.If the space closes to wall is small than the size of panel, the panel should be cut to fit for the space.

7.During laying down the panels, use the bubble lever meter to make panels in level. Height of the floor is adjusted by pedestal.

8.If the equipment is heavy, extra substructure should be fixed to support the equipment to avoid the deformation of panel. If the access floor panel should be cut or opened a hole, electrical drill should be used to drill a hole of Φ6mm- Φ8mm in the corner spot to avoid the extended breakage of the floor covering.


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