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How to Remove Asphalt Floor Tiles

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Asphalt tiles can usually be found in older commercial establishments and basements due to their low costs and popularity from the 1920s to the 1960s. These decades old floors increasingly require retiling, but removing existing asphalt tiles can be messy and time consuming, as well as dangerous. Very dark or black asphalt tiles may contain asbestos, so check a tile sample before proceeding with self-removal. Asbestos tiles will require professional removal services.

Removing the Tiles

Locate a loose tile or an edge tile. Place the edge of the wall scraper under the edge of the tile.

Work the wall scraper beneath the tile as far as possible, and apply pressure to the scraper, sliding it along the floor’s surface and pushing upwards against the tile to raise the tile. Pull the tile up from the floor when enough of the tile has been raised for a solid grip. Discard the pulled tile, and continue to remove the rest of the floor tiles.

Use a putty knife to remove stubborn stuck-on pieces of tiles. Slide the edge of the knife under the tile piece and apply pressure throughout the entire surface of the tile, pulling it up as you move the knife beneath it until you can remove the tile.

Removing the Adhesive

Remove any adhesive left on the floors using denatured alcohol solvent obtained from a home improvement or paint store. Apply the solvent to any adhesive present using a paintbrush. Allow the solvent to sit on the adhesive until the adhesive is soft enough to pick off the floor.


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