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How selected anti-static floor

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First, the need to accurately computer room anti-static floor construction required the total area (or blocks) and various accessories (standard ratio 1: 3.5,1: 5.5) the number and left margin, so as to avoid waste or shortages .

Manufacturer fully understand the anti-static floor of the variety and quality, as well as various technical performance indicators of production.

Technical performance of anti-static floor mainly refers to its mechanical and electrical properties. Mechanical properties mainly consider the carrying capacity, wear resistance. The block anti-static floor mounted lap up the truss beam, anti-static floor flat, its carrying capacity should reach even greater than the load of 1000kg / m2, concentrated load on any part of the anti-static floor should be more than 300kg, in diameter when the load-bearing 300kg load on 6cm loading point, the deflection should be less than 2mm, no permanent deformation.

Adjustable support should be able to withstand vertical load of more than 1000kg, and the board should have a certain abrasion resistance. The performance of the system is the electrical resistance of the surface resistance. Its resistance should be 106Ω-109Ω, at a temperature of 21 ± 1.5 ℃, relative humidity of 30%, anti-static flooring static voltage should be less than 2500V, the surface resistance value should be 106Ω-109Ω.

It should be based on the equipment on the weight of the heaviest device as a benchmark to determine the anti-static floor loading, which can prevent some of the equipment too heavy and caused the floor of the permanent deformation or damage.

Anti-static flooring little affected by changes in ambient conditions. That is not because of too high ambient temperature is too low obviously stretching, which is slightly higher at room temperature, anti-static flooring stretch expansion, can not be removed and replaced; low temperature anti-static floor contraction, resulting in loose movement. Anti-static floor by the environmental impact of the amount of shrinkage should be less than 0.5mm, the plate surface deflection amount should be less than 0.25mm.

Anti-static floor surface should be non-reflective, non-skid, corrosion-resistant, can not afford to dust, no dust, easy to clean.


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