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High Pressure Laminate

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High Pressure Laminate is the top surface selected for use on raised access floors.  It is commonly referred to as HPL.  HPL is available in a wide variety of colors.

High pressure laminate is used on access flooring around sensitive equipment because of its excellent ability to dissipate static electricity.  The additional use of anti-static coatings is not necessary.  Don't ever let anyone put wax or an anti-static coating on your access floor.

Standard grades of laminated floor tile have a volume resistance in the range of 5 x 105 to 2 x 1010 ohms at 500 volts when tested at 50% RH and 72 degrees F.  Typical values for volume resistance will be in the 10 ohm range, depending on the laminate thickness.  Once installed, the floor's static performance will be regulated by how clean the panels are kept.  If you install the floor and never maintain it, then you are setting up your facility for static problems.  HPL must be kept clean and free of residuals in order to perform.  In addition, the floor's electrical properties will be affected by humidity, adhesives used, panel paint system and the overall continuity to ground.

High Pressure Laminates are made up of layers of decorative and kraft paper, saturated with high performance resins, and fused at high temperatures and pressure. It has two different thickness available, 1/16" or 1/8". The actual decorative layer is the same for either thickness. The difference between the thicknesses is the number of kraft paper used under the decorative layer.

We have the ability to take carpeted panels, or panels with vinyl and resurface them with high pressure laminate. We also can put new surface covering on your existing HPL panels. It becomes cost effective after 150 panels.


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