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Ground VAV Fan Powered Terminal

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Feature description

1. VAV-GFP ground series fans terminal is a set of removable underfloor air supply device . The outlet and secondary air return consist of two grills with inclination.

2. The first air is supplied via underfloor air supply system ,pressure independent control . The fan runs in fixed air volume to induced some inner secondary airflow.

3. Using High precision flow sensor with FH-001Patent , it can increase the flow gain cor=efficient 1.2~1.5 times and accurately measure the air speed of 1m/s or above.

4. Using centrifugal machine with low noise , it can realize 3 speed adjustments.

5. 500W and 1000W type heaters sre available for options.

6. With DDC controller , it can be connecte with BA system via standard Lonworks , BACnet or other communication protocols.

7. There are scale , LED and digital display panels for users’ options .

Basic technical assurance :

1. The air speed for where 0.3m from the air outlet is not exceeding 0.5m/s .

2. The inner temperature gradient is not exceeding 1℃/m .

3. The inner noise level is not exceeding dB(A)40 .

4. Ensure to meet new air requirement through setting the minimal air volume .

Controlling Scheme Description:

1. Ground series fan powered terminal is connected with the central air handling unit (AHU). We suggest to interlock the terminal with AHU directly through an air flow switch . And the switch can detect the pressure of the first air inlet .

2. When the inner temperature goes higher , the controller will release the signal to increase the first air volume .

3. When the first air increases , the secondary air will decrease accordingly . And the fan will run in fixed air volume .

4. W hen inner temperature exceeds the set point , the first air will keep at the max volume .

5. When inner temperature drops , the controller will control to decrease the first air volume .

6. When the inner temperature reaches the set point and the first air reaches its minimum , the fan will begin for the secondary air supply . 


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