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Examples of use for Raised Flooring

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What else must be taken into account where a raised floor is installed and what requirements are sensible?

The electrical resistance of individual areas is totally which means in practice: 

The resistance to earth R2 can never be lower than the highest resistance of the individual element in the sequence: floor covering – adhesive – raised floor panels – gaskets – pedestals.

The flooring systems must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Office rooms with terminals, sale and exhibition rooms etc. In these areas, an antistatic floor covering which is equal to or less than 2 kV tested to DIN 54345.

2. Rooms with electronic equipment, such as data centers, computer operation rooms, office rooms with special equipment: earth resistance R2 less than or equal to 109 Ω or charging voltage U maximum 2 kV.

3. Unprotected electronic assemblies or components with operator protection requirements, e.g. test fields in the electronic production area: Earth resistance R2 less than 1 x 108 Ω, earth continuity acc. to VDE 0100, RST operator 5 x 104 Ω or RST greater 1 x 105 Ω (depending on nominal voltage).

4. Unprotected electronic assemblies or components, e.g. fabrication or laboratory rooms for the production, repair and testing of electronic equipment, assemblies or components: Earth resistance R2 less than 1 x 108 Ω.

5. Explosive atmospheres in general, e.g. laboratories with risk of explosion, gas pressure regulating facilities, accumulator rooms: Earth resistance R2 less than 108 Ω.

6. In newly built rooms used for medical purposes, R2 less than 107 Ω, after four years R2 less than 108 Ω, HF surgery R2 greater 5 x 104 Ω.

7. Explosive substances, e.g. where explosives are produced and stored, munitions or pyrotechnical items: Earth resistance R2 less than 106 Ω.



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