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Consist of raised floor

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Typically, the components of raised flooring include:


Pedestals, providing an adjustable vertical support structure for the raised floor. These may be bonded to the sub floor and adjusted to provide a level plane.


Stringer bars, which can be used to join the pedestals together creating a framework for floor panels and giving lateral stability, particularly for deep floor void constructions.


Floor panels, creating the flat surface of the raised floor.


Floor finish, often carpet tiles which can be lifted to give access to the floor void.

Floor boxes cut into floor panels, allowing services to penetrate through the floor and providing connection points for power, data, telecoms and so on.


Raised floors can be gravity or loose-lay systems in which the floor panels rest loose on the pedestal head, providing easy access to the floor voids below, or lock-down or screw-down raised floors in which the floor panels are fixed onto the pedestal head for greater security.

Typically, floor panels are 600mm x 600mm. They may be formed of a chipboard core, encased with steel, or may be laminated with finishes such as wood or stone. Floor voids can be as little as 20mm deep, and commonly, up to 1,200mm, although greater depths can be achieved by bespoke systems.


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