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Categories of anti-static flooring

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1.Three anti-static flooring

This flooring takes advantage of higher power, fireproof, waterproof materials because the foundation material, double resist static face. Waterproof, moisture resistance, higher bearing ability, suitable for giant and medium-sized computer space.

2.All steel anti-static movable flooring

The floor is product of high quality metal plate, that is crafted from substantial toughness light-weight material. Significant energy, water-proof, fireproof, water resistant general performance is sweet, it's acceptable with the massive machine place with superior necessities.

3.Composite anti-static ground

This ground is usually a wood board since the base materials, mild weight, low cost, hearth, dampness resistance, suitable for modest and medium place.

4.Aluminum alloy anti-static ground

This floor is crafted from aluminum alloy product, that is made from mechanical processing, substantial power, great hearth resistance, water-proof performance, and board foundation provide the recycling price.

5.Imitation imported wooden anti static flooring

This ground is created in accordance using the imported floor product of processing, stunning visual appearance, exceptional general performance, acceptable for all types of pc room.

6.PVC anti-static flooring

This products is made of PVC resin since the key system, that's created by unique processing technological innovation, along with the PVC particle boundary.

Floor to type a conductive community, using a everlasting anti-static functionality. Seems to be like marble, has far better ornamental impact. Applicable on the telecommunications, electronic business, laptop or computer area, cleanse workshop, and many others.


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