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Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Flooring System

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ATFLOR calcium sulphate access flooring system is manufacturered from 1600kg fibre reinforced calcium sulphate which forms the core of the panel. Non-combustible high quality alpha-hemihydrate single pressed gypsum and non-toxic unbleached cellulose fibers are used as reinforcing material. The base &top surface of the core is factory bonded using an appropriate combination of surface finishes such as aluminum, galvanized sheet steel, high pressure laminate etc. the edges of the panel are protected with a PVC edge band. The system offer an excellent acoustical sound deadening value.



Acoustic characteristics

The material structure, design features, and high precision production of the access floor panels provide excellent acoustic values. The great walking properties offer a high degree of comfort and create the perfect working environment.

Electrostatic characteristics

Electrostatic charges are dissipated, regardless of panel material, by  the inherent design features. The ohmic resistance defined in this way allows grounding compliance in accordance with VDE0100 using suitable floor coverings.


Due to the environmentally-friendly production process, and the use of ecologically safe materials, 90 to 97% of the calcium sulphate panels can be recycled at the end of their life-a very important ecological consideration today.


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