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To determine the maximum deflection(s) and permanent set(s) of an access floor under a uniformly distributed load.


Test shall be performed on a randomly selected bare panel assembly. Panel shall be placed on steel blocks or supports configured to provide support identical to that provided by an installed system. Any coatings, gaskets, pads, clips, fasteners, floor covering, or other materials as required by manufacturer shall be identical to an installed system. Blocks or supports shall not reduce the unsupported edge span below that normally provided with a standard installed system.

Panel designed for stringer support shall have stringers spanning the blocks or supports with panel perimeter support and/or interface in an identical manner to the configuration of the installed floor systems. Stringers shall be identical to those of the installed floor system, attached or fitted to the support blocks in an identical manner to the installed floor system, and shall include any coatings, gaskets, pads, clips, fasteners, finishes or other materials as required by the manufacturer in the installed floor system.

Height of the test mock-up shall be sufficient to accommodate deflections of stringers and panels.

Load shall be applied as described in the air bag or vacuum methods prescribed in ASTM E2322 Standard Test Method for Conducting Transverse and Concentrated Load Tests on Panels Usedin Floor and Roof Construction.

Note: This ASTM test method is to be used in this section only for evaluation of uniform loading resistance, and is not appropriate for use as a concentrated load test method for access floors.

Any restraining frames or configurations utilized in the test procedure shall not interfere with vertical movement of the test specimen.


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