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Brush Grommet

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These series have solved the air-conditioning optimization and the energy saving issues in computer rooms immediately after it was put into markets . What’s more , it reduces the waste of airflow in the dada center , lessens the power fare and lengthens the instruments’ service time . It’s energy saving and beautiful to look at .



It is firmly combined with the raised flooring .

Its 32-square-inch cabling covering can satisfy different cabling requirements , including 100 Ampere power connector .

This product accords with the relative rules of NFPA in Section 75 , Pat 5-4.4 .

Such products has no components easy to lose

According with relative EU ROHS rules on limits for harmful substance .


Benefits after installation

Sealed cabling holes to block-up the blas flow

Improve the cooling efficiency of air conditioners

Increase the amount of instruments in the data center

Increase the pressure of plenum chamber under the floor , to ensure the cooing airflow can be sent further

Increase the air volume of from the air exhausting floor

Reduce the humidity and control the cost

The data center should be layoutted with hot channels and cooling channels , and it goes with it

Reduce the cost for using more air conditioners

Scope  of  installation

It should be pre-installed at the designed cabling holes before installing the floors and cabling


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