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Still skeptical about installing rubber floors in your home? Perhaps the extensive palette of rubber floor colors and patterns can help change your mind. Now many rubber manufacturers even allow their customers to customize the floor design to better suit their living space. When it comes to rubber floors, you're only limited by your imagination! Design options include solid–colored rubber, speckled (base color with a flecked color on top), patterned (such as a company logo) or marbleized. Floor shoppers are blown away by marbleized rubber, which looks almost as   beautiful as real marble but much more comfortable underfoot.

The surface of rubber flooring can be either smooth or textured. The most common textures found on rubber floors are round studs or diamond shapes (also known as diamond–grip). Both smooth and textured rubber floors are designed to handle heavy wear and tear, and are recommended for installment in bathrooms, hallways, playrooms, living rooms, kitchens and garages.



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