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Aluminum anti-static flooring products

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Aluminum type anti-static flooring products made of high quality cast aluminum,after drawing forming,The surface layer of high wear resistant PVC or HPL veneer,conductive glue together,have a permanent base does not rust efficacy of multiple use,Thus effectively solves the flooring and floor calcium sulphate product defects,while high-end tailored anti-static flooring,aluminum floor but its cost is too high.

For interior decoration is the most stubborn of the most important pollutants formaldehyde treatment,the advent of a new peptide series floor.Add to become a zero-formaldehyde industry on the current market popular green flooring products.Truly conceptual ideas into products and services to consumers.

Compared with ordinary floor, peptidergic difference series floor is the most obvious biological adhesive from soybean production to replace the usual chemical glue, truly realize the product zero Industrial formaldehyde addition


Complete with a cast aluminum alloy, the corrosion resistance properties of fusion, high strength aluminum alloy. Has the characteristics of high precision, good conductivity, good fireproof performance, antimagnetic, not easily deformed.


The product performance is extremely stable,as steel anti-static floor is the most high-end products for the military command, aerospace center, large financial data processing centers and ultra-clean factories and other places very strict requirements.

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