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Air direction—for target air ventilation

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Normal air supply flooring through-hole rate is small, air volume is relatively low. And air supply angle cannot be adjusted, often leads to problems with poor air capture rate.

XLFOLR offers oriented floor, the load capacity can reach 1^kg/m2, ensuring high strength of cases, 0-15 angle can be adjusted, can achieve pretty good air-capture rate, thus, achieve the best cooling effect.


The core features of ATFLOR’s temperature-controlled air supply flooring:

- 0-15 air supply angle adjustable

- 1200kg/m2 high load capacity

- reduced air flow, increased air capacity and energy appearance

- can be used with fan floors and air value floors


When the temperature reaches the set temperature of the cabinet, EC fan starts but does not run at full speed. When the sensor detects the temperature reaches the fan’s full speed, the fan runs at full speed. In the middle course, fan speed as per the temperature. To achieve the goal of precision air distribution and energy saving. Also, alarm temperature can be set, fire linkage function can be realized.


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