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Air Plugs

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Solutions for the Data Centers

Data Center servers generate high heat output and hence keeping them cool and operating it efficiently is very important. Data centers that are not well managed often suffer from hotspots leading to equipment failure. These servers are often fitted into smaller footprints that require higher cooling capacity. Additional cooling capacity demands more cooling units, which is expensive. A better solution is to plug the loss of cold airflow before adding more cooling capacity and ensure its direction to where it is needed the most.

AIR PLUGS offer a series of engineered raised-floor grommets to plug cut-outs within the raised-floor and stop cold air from escaping, while still allowing cables to pass through.

AIR PLUGS raised floor grommets are static dissipative and prevent static discharges being carried up to the cables. AIR

PLUGS thus drastically improves data center environment by plugging cut-outs within the raised-floor .


Provides superior performance and delivers a quicker and greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Plugs the openings in the raised floor and prevents escaping cold supply of air from escaping from unwarranted areas

The grommets integrate with the raised floor static dissipation system, providing 1 GigaOhm of resistance

Allows easy pass-through of power plug connectors and large cable bundles of up to 4” x 8”

With >25,000 filaments, made with resistant and durable flame retardant ABS polycarbonate material per grommet you can realize upto 92-100% seal contains no loose or partially fastened parts that can fall through the raised floor


Reduces air loss in plenum cooled floors

Increases under-floor static pressure

Extends cooling equipment life

Allows flexibility and simplicity in cable routing

Simple and Inexpensive installation

Eliminate bypassing of air through cable cutouts


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