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Advantages of Homogeneous PVC Flooring

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Stronger anti-bacteria:

Biology resistance process during the production, and seaming welding avoid any bacteria growing

Indentation resistance:

Homogeneous structure makes the flooring resistant to indentation from heavy materials

Health care:

Without any heavy metals and poisonous substance, passing certification of CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Stain resistance:

PUR lacquering: Makes flooring resistant to acid&alkali and tincture of iodine

Easy cleaning:

UV coating on the surface for convenient cleaning, reducing the cleaning cost

Abrasion resistance:

Homogeneous structure avoids the delamination matters comparing with other flooring material, becomes the most abrasion resistance material.

Convenient Installation:

Scientific high frequency welding technology makes the structure against the delamination, installed easily

Sound Insulation:

Natural molecular structure makes excellent sound insulation in some noisy area

Colorful design:

Marbel/ Lengther/ Plain design makes plenty of choices for human, natural style improve our sight-view

Elastic surface:

Flexible structure design makes walk feeling comfortably to avoid any danger for human

Mildew resistance:

Seaming welding and special chemicals process during production and primer coating above the self-leveling basement, makes it water proof and kill mildew



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