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ATFLOR Honed Concrete Panel: Installation Procedures

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Basic installation for ATFLOR’s Honed Concrete Panel is as outlined in ATFLOR’s Installation Manual. All access floors are all basically installed the same and all procedures should be followed. There are however two important installation differences for the Concrete panel that are not covered in the basic installation manual: Installation Panel Cutting and Floor Protection and Sealing. Recommendations for addressing these items are outline below:


Installation Panel Cutting – Suggested Methods

Band Saw:

Band saw such as model MA-615 (by Mobile Applications or a 14 inch upright metal cutting band saw such as model 28-300 from Rockwell Delta. The 28-300 has been modified several times over the years and the base number changed to 28-302, 28-303, etc. The band saw blade recommended for this is a 3 raker with carbide teeth. Blade width is ¾” wide by 0.035 inch thick (Lennox part number LEN28753). Length will vary with saw models.

Circular Saw:

For large jobs with many straight cuts, a water cooled circular saw blade with diamond tip is an option. This method would be faster and more economical. Cuts would be more straight and smoother then the band saw blade cut.

Core Bore Drill:

For interior panel cuts a core boring drill with diamond teeth is recommended.

Core boring is fast and economical. The cut edge is smooth and straight and premade plastic grommets are available in various sizes. Panels can also be water jet cut if it is convenient.


Floor Protection and Sealing

The exposed concrete surface is the finish and must be protected during the access floor installation. Other trades must be informed and instructed to protect the finish. During construction there are various methods for this such as covering with plywood, hardboard (Masonite) or plastic.

The panels are sealed at the factory with Behr Low-Lustre Concrete Sealer (available at Home Depot) to provide dust control and some protection against staining. Depending on the project specification and in service requirements, additional coats of sealer maybe required upon removal of the floor protection. If additional coats of sealer are required, ensure that the panels are clean and dry before sealing.

Temperatures should be between 50 to 80oF. Apply a thin coat with a nylon/polyester brush, ¼”-3/8” nap roller, high quality pad applicator or a high quality airless pump sprayer. As this is a smooth surface the spread rate should be about 300 square feet per gallon. Additional coats may be added as needed. Allow 24 hours for foot traffic. Refer to the sealer manufacturer for any additional information regarding application.

For routine cleaning and maintenance, refer to ATFLOR’s Concrete Panel Care & Maintenance guide.



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