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Steel Encased Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor
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Steel Encased Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor

1. Prevent static validly; fireproof, antiskid, soundproof; dustproof,
electromagnetic shielding, environment friendly and innoxious;
2. Strong wearability, non-bubble, non-deguming;
3. Strong support frame, pressurization;
4. High grade, beautiful appearance, easy to fix, convenient for wires;
5. Recyclable, convenient removing, cost saving, long performance life

Product Type : FS800 ~ FS2000

1. Full galvanized steel encased the Calicum sulphate, very good sealing and water-proof
2. High dimensional precision, strong loading ability and shockproof
3. Adjustable height for pedestal, assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability
4. Elegant appearance for paving wildly brand top tiles
5. light weight, high loading capacity, excellent raised flooring in 21th
6. High recycled, convenient removing, saving cost, long performance life

1. Panel-Galvanized steel plate encased the calcium sulphate in six faces, steel sealed edge, with or without coner lock hole in four corner, wildly brand top tiles could be carpet, HPL PVC tiles or other tiles as you like
2. Accessories -die casting steel structure pedestal plastic gasket on top, height could be 70mm--1500mm, with or without square tube stringer steady connect the system 

Wide range of the application all kinds of computerroom, network service engine room, control room, montoring cabin, top grade office 

Type Technology parameter

International Size(mm) Fire Performance Concentrated load Impact load (N) Ultimated load (N) Uniform Load (N/m2) Rolling load(N)
LB N KG 10 times 100000 times
FS800 600x600x31 A ≥800  ≥3350 ≥363 ≥536 ≥11250 ≥16100 3560 2670
FS1000 600x600x31 A ≥1000 ≥4550 ≥450 ≥670 ≥13350 ≥23000 4450 3560
FS1250 600x600x31 A ≥1250 ≥5560 ≥567 ≥780 ≥16680 ≥33000 5560 4450
FS1500 600x600x31 A ≥1500 ≥6675 ≥670 ≥1005 ≥19892 ≥34500 6675 5340
FS2000 600x600x31 A ≥2000 ≥8900 ≥906 ≥1340 ≥26700 ≥46000 8900 7120

Standard Pedestal SPEC:

 FFH(mm) tube diameter(mm) adjustment+(mm) adjustment-(mm)
≦600 ф25 25 25
700~900 ф32 25 25
1000~1500 ф42 25 25

Other height could be customized.

Standard Stringer SPEC: 535x20x30mm

New product:Steel Encased Calicum sulphate Raised Access Floor+magnetic floor

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