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Golden New Bare Finished Steel Raised Access Floor
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Golden New Bare Finished Steel Raised Access Floor

1. A Simpler System Design
2. More Friendly Pedestal and Stringer
3. Higher Load Capacity
4. More Appealing Outline
5. A more flexible System

Product Type : FS800~FS2000

The brand ATFLOR is a top brand of raised access flooring which hornered 5 kinds of patent design certificate. It originally derived from a freshman who's confused with the under structure to OA system and Antistatic system. Then designers propose: why not to make it simpler? The patent loose laid fasten system is the best design in the raised access flooring area. Diamond shape at bottom of the panel is looking nice and loading more. The whole system is smart for office and data center. 

1. A Simpler System Design
ATFLOR doesn’t require changing the type of pedestal and if necessary, suitable stringers are needed for anti-static system.

2. More Friendly Pedestal and Stringer
Traditionally, screw turning goes together with panel installation, which takes time and strength. ATFLOR makes it easier and more efficient; the well designed corner lock allows safe panel installation without screw. Then, screw turning would be a very simple job to finish installation.

3. Higher Load Capacity
With the same material, more strengthening ribs to the panel take better advantage of physical property from steel and cement infill. Those structures appear on the center of panel back and four back edges, which increase the strength of floor panel. Meanwhile, a corner lock nearer to panel center and a suitable stronger pedestal render the system super stable.

4. More Appealing Outline
People have been feed up with the semi-ball panel back. While, a diamond ring advertisement brings inspiration to our designers. Now, ATFLOR presents a super attractive diamond panel back to customers.

5. A more flexible System
ATFLOR is born with great flexibility and exchangeability under variety of breakthrough. 

Wide range of the application such as 5 class office, Security Union Plaza, Futures Trading Building, and the place demand cabling and wiring,

and the aging building floor's reform.

Technical Data

International Size(mm) Fire performance Concentrated load Impact load (N) Ultimate load (N) Uniform Load (N/㎡) Rolling load(N)
LB N Kg 10 Times 10000 Times
FS800 600x600x35 A ≥800 ≥3350 ≥363 ≥536 ≥11250 ≥16100 3560 2670
FS1000 600x600x35 A ≥1000 ≥4550 ≥450 ≥670 ≥13350 ≥23000 4450 3560
FS1250 600x600x35 A ≥1250 ≥5560 ≥567 ≥780 ≥16680 ≥33000 5560 4450
FS1500 600x600x35 A ≥1500 ≥6675 ≥670 ≥1005 ≥19892 ≥34500 6675 5340
FS2000 600x600x35 A ≥2000 ≥8900 ≥906 ≥1340 ≥26700 ≥46000 8900 7120

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