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Floor Outlet Box
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Floor Outlet Box

Pops up function
For residential or commercial applications
Scrub water tight construction
Used with UL listed GFI receptacle, decora receptacle, power socket, internet joint.
  • XL-120


1. Pneumatic panel-bouncing table socket;
2. socket connectors can be changed according to buyer's option;
3. Using advanced connection interface, the panel is smooth;
4. After Open, there is an angel formed between the lip and desktop; 
5. it could be equipped with with power outlet, data, voice, audio, microphone, VGA, USB connectors.
6. The wires are reserved at the bottom of the box in order to connect easily; 
7. When it is not used, the outlet can be hidden in the panel box;
8. Save more space, and make the office environment more beautiful;
9. Durable and beautiful; 
10. Fit for high class office, conferece room, hotel, residence etc. 

Product: Floor socket box
Color: Customized
Panel Material: Copper
Max.Current: 10A
Max.Voltage: 100-240V
Power sockets available: Universal
Modules available: network,phone,USB,USB charging,HDMI,VGA,3.5Audio,AV group,6.35Mic,Canon,Video,ect.
Panel Size: 120*120mm
Box Size: 100*100*55mm
Certificate: CE
Packaging: 20PCS/CTN 

Product:Floor socket box
Panel Material:Copper
Power sockets available:Universal
Modules available:network,phone,USB,USB charging,HDMI,VGA,3.5Audio,AV group,6.35Mic,Canon,Video,ect.
Panel Size:120*120mm
Box Size:100*100*55mm

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