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Excellent Lowest Trunking Bare Steel Raised Floor
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Excellent Lowest Trunking Bare Steel Raised Floor

1.The excellent lowest trunking raised floor system;
2.Save room space;
3.Cables and wires can be put in the trunk tidily,easy to fix;
4.Used for office room where need large wires and cables;

Product Type : FS440 ~ FS1250

1. Environment friendly and energy saving
2. Meet the the excellent height 35mm, with the intelligentized cabling and wiring system,
good for the modern office cabling and wiring plan 
3. Main components: panel, trunk cover plate, corner cover plate, corner bottom plate
4. Optional accessories :Electrical outlet, bottom trunk, outlet
5. The adjustment of the floor 35mm---150mm, the best height is 50mm, save the space of the room.
6. Easy for the wiring and cabling, wires and cables put into the trunk and without cut the panel 

1. panel-Cementitious infill steel welded steel sheel, corner lock hole in four corner, top tiles could be carpet, PVC tiles or other tiles as you like
2. pedestal-Single steel strew for super low height be 35mm---150mm 

Wide range of the application such as 5 class office

Security Union Plaza, Futures Trading Building, and the place demand cabling and wiring. And the aging building floor's reform


InternationalSize(mm)Fire performanceConcentrated loadImpact load (N)Ultimate load (N)Uniform Load (N/㎡)Rolling load(N)
LBNKg10 Times10000 Times

Other accessories specifications
Cover plate(Edge): 205×135×8mm
Bottom Plate(Center):190×190×8mm  
Bottom Plate(Middle):200×200mm     

Standard Pedestal SPEC:
ф12 adjustment±10mm

Reticulated Cable Trench is main feature of CamassCrete. The grid pattern cable trench system provides systematic, easy routing and extension of cables. The trench caps to cover the cable trenches shall be installed before or after routing of cables. As all UniPanels are self-standing, lifting or replacing of trench caps are safe, convenient and without resorting to special tools.

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