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Bolted Stringer steel raised floor system
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Bolted Stringer steel raised floor system

1.Bare finish steel raised floor system with stringer;
2.Makes the system more stable and safe;
3.Optional carpet on the top;
4.Usually for the system which is above 30cm;
5.Perfect sealing property for under-floor air-condition system;
6.Corner lock holes are optional for panel applicable for kinds of covering tiles, carpet, PVC, solid wood floor...
Product Type : FS440~FS2000

1. Fireproof class A, moistureproof, dustrpoof, corrosion prevention.
2. High dimensional precision, strong loadability and shockproof.
3. Adjustable height for pedestal, assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability
4. Outlet mating. Elegant appearance for paving wildly brand top tiles.
5. Solve traditional troubles of wire aged, short circuit etc caused by cement, brick, wood floor embedded the wires in advanced.
6. High recycled, convenient removing, saving cost, long performance life.
7. Perfect sealing property for under-floor air-condition system.
8. Corner lock holes are optional for panel applicable for kinds of covering tiles, carpet, PVC, solid wood floor... 

1. panel-Cementitious infill welded die casing steel sheel, with or without corner lock hole in four corners, top tiles could be carpet, PVC tiles or other tiles as you like
2. pedestal-flat top steel structure pedestal, height could be 80mm--1500mm 

Wide range of the application such as 5 class office

Security Union Plaza ,Futures Trading Building, and the place demand cabling and wiring. And the aging building floor's reform

Technicial Specification

InternationalSize(mm)Fire performanceConcentrated loadImpact load (N)Ultimate load (N)Uniform Load (N/㎡)Rolling load(N)
LBNKg10 Times10000 Times

Standard Pedestal SPEC

FFH (mm)Tube Diameter (mm)Adjustment ± (mm)

Standard Stringer SPEC: 570x21x32mm

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