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  • When people think of flooring, they often think of wood, tile, laminate, and carpet. These are common types of flooring that most areas already come with. However, each one is susceptible to damage from either physical objects or environmental factors such as
  • ProcedureThe panel is put upside down on three calibrated blocks A, B and C as shown in Figure 8.A 5 kg mass H shall be placed as shown in Figure 8.Zero the dial gauge F to the manufacturer's stated size.Measurements shall be made at the manufacturer's stated
  • ATFLOR’s double cup suction panel lifter(s) allows panels to be lifted quickly, esily and safely without damaging any of the adjoining access floor panels.Not only are they more efficient and safer than using improper tools(screwdrivers, knives), using them wi
  • Product InformationAnti-static PVC/Vinyl FlooringThe floor uses the PVC resin as the main component, and utilizes the plastic particle interfaces to form the permanent conductive/anti-static network. The floor tile looks like the marble. It provides a good per
  • Typically, the components of raised flooring include: Pedestals, providing an adjustable vertical support structure for the raised floor. These may be bonded to the sub floor and adjusted to provide a level plane. Stringer bars, which can be used to join the p
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