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  • Do not use steel wool or abrasive scouring pads on rubber flooring.Never clean rubber flooring with cleaning products that contain turpentine or acetone as they can permanently damage the floor surface.Remove gum by first freezing it, then scraping it up with
  • As assessed by science, human body is charged. It is quite common in dry conditions that people feel electric shock when they shaking hands. It turns out that it is the result of human body electrostatic effect. Scientific experiments have confirmed that huamn
  • ATFLOR’s perforated steel panels are available with a range of load performance characteristics. They represent the most economical approach to supplying air in a contained cold aisle.Panel Features • Compatible with any 24” or 1500px stringer systems. • 25% o
  • Aluminum type anti-static flooring products made of high quality cast aluminum,after drawing forming,The surface layer of high wear resistant PVC or HPL veneer,conductive glue together,have a permanent base does not rust efficacy of multiple use,Thus effective
  • There are three steps in controling the static. 1. Reducing the static is the first step. The best measures are:①Using similar equipments to reduce electrostatic charges during the process of friction.②Trying to use static conductive or static dissipative mat
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