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  • Introduction of productsPrefer aluminium as base material . Die casting by large oil press , imported strong glue paste HPL or PVC ,pedestal /stringer are pressured forming with steel or aluminium , lead screw could adjust height .CharacteristicsThe best base
  • DESCRIPTION OF PERFORATED PANELThe ATFLOR Perforated Air Flow Panel fits within the access floor grid for all stringered systems to become an integral component of the access floor. The perforated panel delivers and/or controls the flow of cool underfloor air
  • 1. Daily maintenanceIn daily life, clean the hair or the fiber of carpets surface with the brush or adhesive tape. Clean the carpet with the electric vacuum cleaner every two or three days, proper cleaning can prolong the service life of the carpet.2. The hand
  • 1.Always use lift trucks to move heavy loads, inserting between the panels and the wheels of a rigid body (for example, wood planks ) for proper load distribution .2.If you’re operating on a raised floor with a transverse structures (where the tightness is gua
  • Raised floors available for general purpose use typically do not address the special requirements needed for telecommunications applications. The general types of raised floors in telecommunications data centers include: stringerless, stringered, and structura
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