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  • Generally, the stringers, pedestals and some auxiliary accessories are used for the installation of anti-static raised access floors. During the installation, the usage is totally different.Here, we will introduce the anti-static raised access floors' accessor
  • Benefits:- Contains no ferrous materials to disrupt magnetic fields- Perforated panels and grates provide optimum laminar air flow- Available in a wide selection of conductive, static-dissipative coverings or coatings- Excellent rolling load performance- Light
  • The key components of a raised access flooring system can be defined as follows: Floor Panel This is the horizontal load bearing component of a raised floor. It is normally 24"x 24" square (industry standard module size) but can be 24" metric square.These size
  • With the promotion of customers’ life level, the quality and the service of the antistatic floorings have become more and more important. But how to distinguish the quality of them, here are some tips: From the term of material, the covering must be eternal el
  • Maintenance1.Regular maintenanceFor long-term high performance of the raised floor, regular maintenance (once in 2 or 3 years) is needed.Please contact us for details.2.Caring for carpet tilesClean the carpet tiles with a vacuum cleaner for daily care.When cof
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