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  • A raised access floor is used to provide a means of creating a void below floor level which is capable of ensuring building services are available at their required destination. These services will typically include the following:. electrical power. Data. t
  • Test Procedures:The panel shall be pre-loaded to the test load. A pre-load of 50 lbs/ft² (i.e. 200 lb In the case of a panel that is 4 ft² - 2' x 2') shall then be applied and the instrumentation measuring deflection and load shall be set at zero. (Reference z
  • F" edge trim is inserted between the steel panel and the surface finish. The inserted "F" edge trim is very firm and stable. Panel with "F" edge trim creates perfect installation effect with tiny seam, which can be applied to high computer room and place where
  • Basic installation for ATFLOR’s Honed Concrete Panel is as outlined in ATFLOR’s Installation Manual. All access floors are all basically installed the same and all procedures should be followed. There are however two important installation differences for the
  • Welbonse rubber with high wear-resisting, high elasticity and high bearing capacity, makes the ideal material to manufacture the high-quality floor. In the past ten years, we have accumulated rich experience by engaging the introduction manufacturing and appli
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