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  • First, the need to accurately computer room anti-static floor construction required the total area (or blocks) and various accessories (standard ratio 1: 3.5,1: 5.5) the number and left margin, so as to avoid waste or shortages .Manufacturer fully understand t
  • In these situations there are certain attributes of the raised access floor that become important. The leakage of air through panel joints and at perimeters will need to be kept within specific parameters for the required air pressure differential. The air lea
  • Aluminum oxide coating increases the resistance, durability and overall strength to polyurethane finished hardwood flooring. Take special care not to damage this coating when cleaning the floor. Some common household cleaners can dissolve the coating, making y
  • 1.Three anti-static flooringThis flooring takes advantage of higher power, fireproof, waterproof materials because the foundation material, double resist static face. Waterproof, moisture resistance, higher bearing ability, suitable for giant and medium-sized
  • The following considerations are helpful when instructing personnel in cleaning procedures:Avoid the use of harsh cleaning solutions and chemicals containing ammonia, chlorine or harsh detergents.Do not sweep because airborne dust will be generated.Use a dry l
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