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  • Features:1. Full tempered glass, high mechanical strength, high load capacity, good impact resistance.2. Wear proof, waterproof, dust proof and anti-corrosion;3. High dimensional precision, great interchangeability, flexible assembly, easy maintenance, long se
  • Product Advantages· Free standing for easy & fast installation and access· Electrostatic dissipative: drain static charge slowly to avoid charge built-up on the panel surface· Easy maintenance & durable surface cover. Resistance to many chemicals that are foun
  • Product Introduction 1. Full galvanized steel encased the wood core, very good sealing2. High dimensional precision, strong loading ability and shockproof3. Adjustable height for pedestal, assembly agility, large wire4. light weight, high loading capacity, exc
  • The more intricate and sensitive the equipment and situation, the higher the need is to control contamination. Ultraclean manufacturing facilities are at the top of the list. In these clean rooms, technology demands clean and uncontaminated air. Devices which
  • With many years of experience working with raised floors and quality porcelain tiles, Granitech can cut the length and cost of maintenance work on floors in commercial spaces, making the architect’s job easier while improving the building’s overall health.When
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