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  • 1.Always use lift trucks to move heavy loads, inserting between the panels and the wheels of a rigid body (for example, wood planks ) for proper load distribution .2.If you’re operating on a raised floor with a transverse structures (where the tightness is gua
  • The sound through the vibration transmission is one of the major problems within the new buildings. It is transmitted by air and through the materials, ropagating with a different speed.The types of noise that usually occur on a floor are:air noises;impact noi
  • Purpose:The purpose of this test is to show the effect upon access floor panels and supporting understructure system(s) when subject to impact from heavy loads being accidentally dropped onto the floor panel.Preparation:Test(s) shall be performed on three (3)
  • Normal air supply flooring through-hole rate is small, air volume is relatively low. And air supply angle cannot be adjusted, often leads to problems with poor air capture rate.XLFOLR offers oriented floor, the load capacity can reach 1^kg/m2, ensuring high st
  • Product InformationThe floor uses the PVC resin as the main component, and utilizes the plastic particle interfaces to form the permanent conductive/anti-static network. The floor tile looks like the marble. It provides a good performance in the decoration pro
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