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  • A raised floor is an elevated structural floor which is placed above a concrete slab leaving an open space between the two structures. The open space acts as a hidden passage or an empty space for the placement of mechanical and electrical equipment. Raised fl
  • Purpose:To determine the rate at which air will pass through the cracks and gaps in an access floor panel assembly, ata specified and controlled differential static air pressure. This test applies only to floors used for underfloor air distribution.Preparation
  • 1.Three anti-static flooringThis flooring takes advantage of higher power, fireproof, waterproof materials because the foundation material, double resist static face. Waterproof, moisture resistance, higher bearing ability, suitable for giant and medium-sized
  • Raised Access Flooring ServicesWhether renovating a century-old heritage building or building a modern facility in one of the new industrial parks, the raised access flooring system services can be the solution to all your logistical concerns.Raised access flo
  • Introduction of ProductsAdvanced technology, imported high quality chipboard base material or MDF base material, Tile could be HPL or PVC/ ceramic/ granite . Four sides: conductive regula. Bottom panel: aluminum foil or galvanized steel. Stringer: pressure for
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