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  • High Pressure Laminate is the top surface selected for use on raised access floors. It is commonly referred to as HPL. HPL is available in a wide variety of colors.High pressure laminate is used on access flooring around sensitive equipment because of its ex
  • ProcedureThe pedestal base shall be rigidly fastened to a rigid substratum within the test apparatus.Instead of fastening by adhesive or mechanical fixing an appropriate clamping device may be used providing its adequacy is proven by comparative tests and chec
  • Solutions for the Data CentersData Center servers generate high heat output and hence keeping them cool and operating it efficiently is very important. Data centers that are not well managed often suffer from hotspots leading to equipment failure. These server
  • Clean your sub floor so that it is free of all dust, dirt, grease or other foreign material. Also when gluing your flooring down, it is recommended that the sub floor is free of any moisture.Loose lay out the rolls in the room as you would like them to look af
  • Rubber flooring is flooring which is made from rubber. There are a number of different formats for this type of flooring, ranging from rubber tiles which are designed to be installed as a permanent flooring solution to rubber pads which can be overlaid onto ex
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