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  • These series have solved the air-conditioning optimization and the energy saving issues in computer rooms immediately after it was put into markets . What’s more , it reduces the waste of airflow in the dada center , lessens the power fare and lengthens the in
  • Features:1. The substrate purity >85%, has reached international standards;2. Flame retardant, anti0skid, noise, dust, dirt, chemical resistant;3. The surface of glass wear resistance, no blistering, no degumming;4. Surrounded by strong supporting structure, h
  • Calcium sulphate raised flooring panel (CaSO4)are widely used raise floor panel due to its rich features. Panel is made up of calcium sulphate which is inherently has high mechanical character. CaSO4 raise floor panel has high loading capabilities. One of impo
  • ProcedureZero the dial gauge C2 to the exact perpendicular established by the transverse stops B.1 and the reference line through B2 and B3.Place the panel upside down into contact with the transverse stops B1, B2 and B3. The four sides of the panel are succes
  • DescriptionFH-UFC series ground type fan coil is a kind of terminal unit specially designed for air and water treatment in raised floor system. It has advantages as compact structure, short finish height, low noise, superior performance, and most importantly,
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