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  • What does every data center (DC) have? If you said “data” or “servers,” well, then you’re technically correct. (Go you!) However, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but neither of those answers is the one we’re looking for. No, you have to look a little bit l
  • Raised floors are used in areas where a significant void needs to be created between the floor and subfloor. This is usually to allow cabling, wiring and other mechanical piping to pass underneath the floor without interruption.The floor consists of panels res
  • Feature description 1. VAV-GFP ground series fans terminal is a set of removable underfloor air supply device . The outlet and secondary air return consist of two grills with inclination.2. The first air is supplied via underfloor air supply system ,pressure i
  • 1.Before installation, the rubber should adapt to the environment temperature (consistent with ground temperature). In the process of adhesive natural drying, adhesive should avoid temperature changes significantly. 2.When uniform coating the basic ground and
  • PVC vinyl flooring that offers the performance and durability needed for today's high-traffic commercial applications. balanced collection of visuals in wood and natural materials that can be transformed into countless designs - achieving remarkable realis
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