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  • Asphalt tiles can usually be found in older commercial establishments and basements due to their low costs and popularity from the 1920s to the 1960s. These decades old floors increasingly require retiling, but removing existing asphalt tiles can be messy and
  • The raised access floor started to be used on the first computer rooms, where high technical machinery were connected one to the other: a complex network of cables, to be carefully protected and yet to be easily accessible for maintenance and upgrading. The s
  • The kitchen floor can be one of the dirtiest areas of the home, typically made of a hard substance that bacteria sits on top of and grows at rapid pace. This makes it extremely important to keep the floor clean, as dropped food and other substances can quickly
  • The rubber floor is a kind of indoor floor material with the widespread application:A. All kinds of public places: Gymnasium, Library, Museum, Airport, Transport hub, Theater, Shopping mall, Supermarket, Bus station, as well various indoor passenger lanes.B.Sp
  • Transparent Glass Floor Specification:1. High transparency: artistic, practical, widely applicable2. It adopts the technology of toughing treatment.3. It can easily hold body weight and max load is over 630KG.4. It’s the same size with ordinary raised floor so
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