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  • SpecificationsFull steel,lower plane is ST14 stretched plate,surface plane is SPCC hard steel painted with conductive antistatic epoxy resin.Structure1. Panel-Cementitious infill steel welded steel sheel, coner lock hole in four corner ,top tiles could be carp
  • First and foremost, the floor was designed to support the weight of the computer equipment. So regular underfloor inspections for the structural integrity of the entire system are extremely important. Various trades servicing the area (HVAC, Computer technicia
  • A concentrated load is a force applied at a single point on a beam or structure. Beams are commonly used for structural support in homes, commercial buildings, and bridges. A beam must be designed to withstand forces and stress, while minimizing weight, space
  • There are several measures that you can take to minimize contamination. Because these measures are likely to entail costs that may need to be justified to company management, the first thing to do is establish and maintain a log of equipment failures or I/O er
  • Introduction of Products:Prefer aluminum as base material. Die costing by large oil press, imported strong glue paste HPL or PVC, pedestal/ stringer are pressured forming with steel, lead screaw could adjust height.Characteristics:1.The best base material of t
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